7 Course Meal

Recently my daughter got her own place and had us over for a 7-course meal for a housewarming party.   I had no idea what to expect but let me run it down for you, as it was spectacular.


Course 1

Drinks:   We had a couple bottles of sparkling apple cider to sip on while we all chatted and drooled at the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen.


Course 2

Cheese/meat/fruit platter:  She had the most amazing cheeses going, expensive cheeses with some grapes, salami, and olives.   We stuffed ourselves on that and later regretted it since there was so much other food still to come.


Course 3

Meat:   We had a pork loin cooked to perfection with fresh herbs and tomatoes and red wine.

Vegetable:  She went with perfectly roasted baby potatoes.  Simply made but divine in taste.  I think we were all picking off each other’s plates trying to get more of these.


AND…..it wasn’t just good food, it was put together so elegantly.

IMG_7410 IMG_7409

Course 4

Salad:  She put together an amazing salad and it was a nice change eating something light after a heavy meal.


Course 5

Homemade ice cream:  She made an ice cream that was so creamy and rich.   I get credit for some of it since I was the one who bought her the machine for Christmas but man did it put out some good stuff.   She made chocolate triangles and added a cherry for color.   We asked for more but she said no.


Course 6

A drink:  We had some Mexican hot cocoa.  Normally one would serve espresso but I was the only coffee drinker there so she made a chocolate drink instead.   Talk about sweet, a little cup was more than plenty.


Course 7

Fruit and cheese:  We ended the night with more cheese and a fruit platter.   It was a perfect ending to a great meal.    Talk about feeling pampered.



In between courses while she got things ready we had a pallet cleansing tea drink and we had entertainment in the form of games.   I would go back to her house for a meal anytime.