Glutino – Italian Creme Filled cookie, review

I am placing the photo first so you can just drool a little over these cookies before reading my review.   Glutino came out with two new products, graham crackers and these Italian filled cookies.   I saw these and my mind immediately thought of a dear friend who had so much trouble giving up her Milano cookies. (I have never had one but they were addiction to her) so I snatched these up.  I wish I would have grabbed a bunch more because all my local peeps were at the store and the very next day they were all gone.    Not sure Wal-mart anticipated that as I have gone back every day for the last week and nothing re-stocked yet.

Since I have no idea what a Milano cookie tastes like I shared these with a friend.   She is my new guinea pig so to speak since most of my other friends are getting to use to eating my gluten-free things and I want to always make sure I compare as best as I can to non gluten-free items.  Her thoughts were “Oh my goodness these are so good”, “they are a little less buttery flakey” “they taste almost identical other than a tad more dense” “these are amazing cookies”  She gave this two thumbs up and all her fingers.

For me I thought I was royalty.   I can just imagine sitting with the queen with a cup of tea enjoying these.    They were light, thin and wafery thin and the filling (I had fudge) was similar to a nutella, it wasn’t just a fudge like you would find in a keebler cookie.  It was a rich, delicate, beautiful fudge in between two light and flaky cookies and your taste buds just passed out from having something so good and your whole body is filled with elation like you never felt……………..Okay a little imaginative but really these cookies are that good.

They come so beautifully packaged, three packs per bag  and each pack has 4 cookies.   Just the perfect little things.  The packs make it so they are not crushed.    My cookies were perfect in the packs,  but no guarantees with the way stores handle products.

I just don’t know what else to say about these, they are amazing in every way.   Seriously its like you enter a different world when you eat these.  Close your eyes, sip your tea, eat a cookie and suddenly you are royalty in a castle.   I know what all the hype was on Milano cookies now as these little cookies just take your life in a whole new direction.

Glutino you have my heart for making these cookies.


That is all, there is no more, you have to get some!!!!!!

I really want to know your thoughts, if you have tried these will you let me know!



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